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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging Right Away

Blogging is spreading slowly and steadily. Here are some of the reasons why you should start your own blog. Everyone focuses more on what you are blogging but I personally feel that why should be answered first. If you are neither passionate nor interested in writing, it is not a good choice. Following are few of the reasons as per me why one should start blogging. I will discuss in detail how each reason would be having slightly different approach and what all things you need to get started for all of them.


Reason 1: Blogging for journal keeping

The literal meaning of blogging is to keep the log on web.  It is simply to jot down something. It maybe your experiences, your public diary or some content which you want to keep notes for. Blogging helps in referring those notes. It also helps immensely to others who can access that content. If your aim is knowledge sharing, blogging is the best platform. I have seen many successful bloggers who share their life experiences and some cool tips and tricks like blogs. They can share valuable insights and save lot of time for the readers in understanding something in a better way. One can also develop travelling blogs to share their travelling destinations and experiences.

Approach: Write as if you are writing in your notebook. It would be more of a casual writing.

Prerequisite: None as such. You just need to have content and intention to share the knowledge.


Reason 2: Blogging for existing business especially for SMSE

The world is becoming more and more digital now. More and more advancements in technologies have strong impact on traditional way of doing business. It is essential for all the companies to have some online presence. Even for SMSE (Small and Medium Size Enterprises) and family proprietorship, it is essential to have a website. You can add a blog page to your website where you can provide information to your potential customers regarding the product or some education of value in your industry area to gain more brand acknowledgement and developing rapport with your potential clients. They can particularly be enhanced with use of Search Engine Marketing especially the pay per click campaigns which would be an excellent marketing strategy and even better in some aspects than the traditional marketing methods.

Approach: Here, it will depend what is the objective of using the blog. If you are using it as an advertisement tool, you should focus on gaining more visitors and advertisement campaigns. But if your objective is to sell your product online, then you have to focus on sales, lading page and Email marketing more.

Prerequisite: You need to have a product which you want to sell. You need to have a payment gateway like Paypal or Pioneer account to receive payment from your clients which should also be linked to your blog or landing page if you want to sell online. You should preferably have professional email and Google Adwords account as well.


Reason 3: To earn part time income especially for students

One of the regrets that I have is not starting blogging in college itself. Blogging for students is very convenient. Most students can usually take an hour or couple of hours a day for some hobby or another. If you have interest in writing, you should start blogging right away. You cannot earn thousands of dollars as few advertisements and blogging academies advertise, but you can certainly earn hundred or couple of hundred dollars after few months by mixing few tools like adsense and affiliate marketing to blogging and then on develop steady source of income once your blog is established. Earning part time income like that without giving lot of efforts and by doing what you like is certainly not a bad option.

Approach: Do not expect any income for first 3 months. Try developing customer base through good quality content. Write articles once or twice a week of about 1000 words. Do proper marketing through friends and relatives.

Prerequisites: Interest in any particular niche worth writing and good English writing abilities.


Reason 4: Blogging for reviewers/ critics

I have seen lot of reviewers and summary givers who write excellent posts on facebook. I believe they should start their own blogs. It would help them in creating a brand of their own and it can be monetized as well. Reviewers and critics should take advantage of blogging and enhance their brand. They can also share current affairs instances and happenings with their perspective like a news blog.

Approach: Post once or twice a week in a niche. Try gaining expertise and be treated as expert in your niche so that your comments would be valued more.

Prerequisites: Some sort of expertise in any niche or micro niche. Critical ability and suggestion giving nature will also be helpful.


Reason 5: Blogging for fame and influencing people positively

This is one of the most important reasons. We all like being famous. Blogging gives us a platform where we can be online celebrity. It gives us huge followers who follow our blog posts which give us ability to motivate and influence people positively. We can spread awareness regarding some topic or share our opinions and influence people. If fame and influencing ability is your target, blogging can help you achieve it as well.

Approach: Write consistently with full heart. Steadily keep building your subscriber list and try learning more and more about your niche to get more followers.

Prerequisites: The niche should be your passion. You should have some experience or expertise in your niche.


Conclusion: Blogging can be treated as a profession

Do not consider blogging as a job. Blogging is a lifestyle. It is like Tim Ferris’ 4 hour work week where we learn that time is more important than money. Living a laptop lifestyle and working on your own terms are just some of the advantages of blogging as a profession. Blogging is not a hobby activity anymore. Many of the serious bloggers who are willing to give their full efforts in blogging practice blogging as a full time profession. Blogging does require patience during initial period. To give lot of efforts and not getting any monetary rewards for first few months can be challenging which is why I insist that passion for the topic or writing should be there in you. It will provide you strength to continue and become a great blogger.


So what are you waiting for?

If you are convinced that blogging is a good choice, do not procrastinate any further or wait for some magical perfect moment. Develop your WordPress blog and start blogging right away!


Next step of action:

Identify your niche, Buy a domain name, Buy hosting services, Install wordpress and start blogging. It is not at all technical, not so costly and there are dozens of helpful videos on youtube on the same. We would be sharing detailed articles and videos on each of the steps shortly. You can subscribe Blog Gurukul newsletter to receive our articles. Just in case anyone has any query, you can contact us as well.


About the Author:

Harshraj Jhala is a passionate blogger and has knowledge of digital marketing. In his past, he has done MBA and worked as a consultant as well. He writes on topics related to blogging and digital marketing.


  1. Kari March 13, 2017 at 7:56 PM - Reply

    Great reasons! I personally blog to keep a journal in digital form. It’s just an added perk when someone connects with something I have to share!

  2. Mary March 13, 2017 at 8:03 PM - Reply

    I love this post! Each of your five points are all great ones. Sometimes I catch myself trying too hard to make the blog perfect or take away from my original tone of writing. But I like how you mention it is like journaling. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nora March 13, 2017 at 11:53 PM - Reply

    Nice post! It true that blogging can affect positively on your life and work in so many ways. It’s though good to have some kind of plan before starting. 🙂

  4. Denise March 14, 2017 at 1:25 AM - Reply

    Good reasons for people to start up their own blog, im sure people will find it very useful

  5. Prerna Garg March 14, 2017 at 4:28 AM - Reply

    Some great reasons and actually, the right reasons to start blogging. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Marleen March 14, 2017 at 1:40 PM - Reply

    Great reasons. I actually starting blogging because I had an interest in it and I was passionate about beauty.

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